Hepmet OÜ


OÜ Hepmet was founded on 10 April in 2001 and is based on Estonian and Finnish capital (34%). The company has 1200 m 2 production facilities in the town of Viljandi. We produce metal constructions, stairway railings, fence posts, containers and other products. We can help to repair agricultural machinery or produce new machines. Hepmet is specialized on subcontracting for international businesses. For example, we have done subcontracting for feed kitchens in fur farming in
Finland, bigger and smaller parts of devices for both local Estonian market and elsewhere in Scandinavian countries. We offer our clients mechanical processing, welding, assembly according to clients’ drawings.
Due to our long experience and cooperation with our partners, we are able to solve the most complex problems. It is important for us to be flexible and meet the expectations of customers. Our team consists of 9 professionals in the field who are qualified and certified.

The company holds EN ISO 3834-2 certificate
and belongs to the Österberg Group.

Our main field is:
A. Manufacture of metal structures
B. Turning, milling, guillotine cutting up to 10 mm, roll bending and also
bending with press brake.
C. Ferrous metal (stainless steel) welding